Elamkulam Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church

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An empowered woman makes an empowered society. For the spiritual growth and enlightenment, the active participation of the women in church is very significant and relevant and their involvement promotes Christian fellowship and enhances the feeling of social responsibility.

Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church is blessed with a very lively, active and committed Sevika Sangham. It got started on 15th January 1989, a few weeks after the consecration of the church.

The main mission of the organization is Mission work and Charity.

Main activities:

1. Bible Study and intercessory prayer on every Tuesdays in the church at 10:30 AM.
2. Area wise weekly Bible study classes by the Achens in one of the member’s houses.
3. Area wise monthly meeting of all the Sevika Sangham members on the last Saturday in one of the houses.
4. Visit the aged and the bed ridden.
5. Assist the service on Sevika Sangham day in September.
6. Visit and extend financial aid to orphanages and old age homes.
7. Give financial assistance to eligible, economically weaker ones for education and marriage.
8. Sponsor a child of the Balika Mandiram (Perumbavoor) every year.
9. Financial Assistance is given to provide uniforms for the inmates of Tribal Hostel, Girideepthi.
10. Conduct tours to the various mission fields.
11. Cooking classes, Yoga classes and informative talks by eminent personalities of the medical field are conducted periodically.
12. To have a sound mind in a sound body, physical activities are necessary. So a day is set up for sports. Sports competitions are conducted every year and members enthusiastically take part in various events.
13. Actively take part in the centre programmes and competitions.
14. During Harvest Festival, separate stalls are arranged, in addition to Prayer group stalls.
15. Members serve as volunteers in the ‘Pain & Palliative care’ unit of the church.
16. Assist in Sunday School activities and serve as Sunday School teachers.

Thus our ‘Sevikas’ contribute physically, intellectually and spiritually to the mission and ministry of the Church spread Christianity.