Elamkulam Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church

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Location and Background

The center is located at Aniyal, near the beach at Edavanakad, 22 kms. Away from Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church, Elamkulam and is almost at the midpoint of Vypin coastal belt area. Devastating Tsunami waves had hit many parts of Vypin on 24th December 2004 and CASA (Christian Auxiliary Social Action) and Amrithananda-madom were instrumental in building new houses to the poor fisher folks of that area. Even now the area is damp and low areas get flooded causing unhealthy surroundings.

Extended Palliative Care Services

As palliative care volunteers of Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church, Elamkulam ventured into the area to give help to poor cancer, kidney bed-ridden and other chronic disease patients, a suggestion to open a center there came up. Thus as a major programme of the Silver Jubilee Project of the Church, a building was purchased and dedicated for service on xxxxxx by our diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa and was named as Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church Mission Center, Edavanakad. It is now working as a regular meeting place for patients and their family members, to discuss their problems with volunteers and get counselling and spiritual help. The fellowship they make with each other and sharing of their experience along with prayer and encouragements rejuvenate their spirits.

Other Activities:

1. Medical camp conducted every month at the center, using the services of eminent doctors who are members of our church.
2. Vacation classes for children of the locality are conducted at the center leading them in the right path and instilling good values in them.
3. Limited educational help is given to children of the patients.
4. Provision kit is distributed to patients as Christmas presents, arranging public functions at the center.
5. Elamkulam Mar ThomaSneha Swanthana Sangham is formed at the center with membership from the local residents, attending our meetings. Financial support is given to the needy and repayment allowed in easy instalments with negligible interest.


Members of the Edavaka Mission and Pain & Palliative Care Unit are organising and conducting the activities of the center.